A conference in honor of Guy Métivier at the occasion of his 65th birthday, September 14-18, 2015 - INDAM, Rome Italy.

This conference takes place in the framework of the activities of INDAM and it focus on recent major advances in the study of nonlinear hyperbolic systems. General theoretical issues such as symmetrizability, singularities, low regularity or dispersive perturbations will be addressed.

The last decade has been marked by important breakthroughs in the study of physical phenomena where the theory of hyperbolic systems plays a central role. The conference will pay specific attention also to these applications. In particular nonlinear optics, shock theory (stability, relaxation) and fluid mechanics (boundary layers, water waves, Euler equations, geophysical flows, etc.).

        The conference is organized for celebrating the 65th birthday of Guy Métivier.

Support for PhD students and PostDocs

Some funds to support the local expenses of some PhD students and PostDocs are previewed. If you need financial support please contact us, mention it in your registration, and register before May 31.


The first session of the conference will be held on September 14 (Monday), at 3 PM. The last session will end on September 18 (Friday), at noon.